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Risk Management

We identify potential areas of financial, technical and legal risks with indication of preventive measures and further steps of proceedings in accordance with the legitimacy of a contract.

As part of the measures to prevent the occurrence of adverse risk factors, we set up their continuous monitoring with risk factor deviation projections for the coming months. The early warning system allows identifying adverse changes at an early stage thus preventing the continuation and worsening of a negative situation.

The risk response procedures in the implementation and execution of a project include:

  • Different ways of project implementation progress tracking;

–        Reporting (Contractor/Engineer);

–        Periodic detailed project implementation inspection (Engineer);

  • Defining and verifying inspection points;

–        Ongoing analysis of emerging threats, problems and needs (Engineer);

–        Implementation of works in accordance with a specified works schedule (Contractor);

–        Works schedule verification – project amendments and modifications (Contractor);

–        Verification of achieved indicators and project performance (Engineer), and

  • Other formal procedures, in particular related to tendering, etc.