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Public-private partnership consulting

Public-private partnership is becoming an increasingly popular model of project implementation.  Our experts have participated as consultants, both, in the preparation of the project, which included the organizational activities and work in preparation for the initiation of proceedings as well as the stage of selecting the private partner.

Public-private partnership is a means of carrying out public tasks by combining the action of public authorities and private capital. A key element of the public-private partnership is the partner selection process. The grounds for selection of a partner are closely related to the economic aspects planned for implementation under public-private partnership investments, as well as with remuneration policies of a private partner.

Due to the fact that the agreement on public-private partnership is a long-term agreement, a carefully specified and reasonably determined division of tasks and risks between a private entity and a private partner is an important issue that assures proper project implementation.

Complexity of a project carried out according to the above mentioned formula determines the need for a provision of professional services, both, in the procedure preparation, the object of which is to select a private partner as well as a support during the execution of a contract provided by our experts.