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Project/Design Analysis

We offer project analysis in terms of technical and cost optimization. We have not signed any Success Fee contracts with suppliers of any technologies or appliances, we prefer to find savings in your projects.

The accuracy of a technical solution selection is driven by economic considerations – the adopted solutions must be economically justified in relation to the quality and in line with the Best Value concept. We provide services of adopted project solution verification, including verification of material / appliance / service / technology etc. selection of several suppliers.

The range of our services includes a full verification of compliance with the commitments specified in the formal and legal documentation (conditions for connection, approvals, decisions, permits, and a contract concluded between a client and a project engineer / tender documentation etc.).

The rich experience is our strength. Our partners and experts have managed project offices, designed or employed project engineers. Our team includes, both, industry experts, i.e. project engineers, cost estimators as well as scientists of known universities in the country collaborating with us.

In addition, we have been conducting multi-discipline audits on facility, network, road and technological projects.