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European Union fund aquisition

The new financial perspective for the years 2014-2020 creates development opportunities, both, for local governments and private businesses. The funds will come from three key sources:

Operational Programme for Smart Growth’

Regional Operational Programme, and

Rural Development Programme.

Their main objective is to boost the Polish economy and innovation by stimulating the development of institutions and enterprises, the promotion of research and technological development, and raising the competitiveness of the SME sector as a whole.


Looking through the prism of the completed 2007-2014 perspective, we can expect that the forthcoming will succeed at least in a similar scale. Therefore, we need to start thinking about the opportunities and goals that we can achieve through external support.


In order to meet your expectations, we offer a wide range of services, starting from the creation of a vision, through the preparation of necessary documents (business plans and feasibility studies), preparation of applications forms, up to project settlement and management.


In our work, we try to determine the directions and successfully raise funding from the European Union institutions for their implementation. Therefore, for many years we have been developing documents and feasibility studies and writing grant applications in order to provide the most comprehensive service to our clients.


Our experts have successfully prepared many EU funding applications and feasibility studies. We are ready to serve you with our knowledge and experience.