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Contract Administration

We offer a full range of customer support services to secure their financial and technical risks; we are the construction site office which corresponds, prepares schedules, has secretary’s office or participates at meetings as your representative.

We correspond in such a way as to protect interest of a client. We verify actions of Investor / Contract Engineer / Contractor for compliance with a contract and the provisions in force. We have the right tools (electronic circulation and archiving database) which provide access to the entire correspondence with an investor / subcontractors from any place with the Internet connection.

Our team that has been repeatedly administrating contracts for investors / contractors / subcontractors, has many years of experience. We have a comprehensive knowledge on the powers of all participants of the investment process.

Within the frames of the contract administration, we also take care of the proper conduct of the formal and legal procedures related to extra works so that a client received its rightful compensation or has not been overcharged.

In case of matters in dispute we professionally correspond on claims, what gives you the ability to resolve disputes on the basis of a contract and avoids costly and lengthy lawsuits.