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We prepare independent audits on project preparation correctness and conduct or on any stage of the investment process.

A team of people capable for an independent and professional assessment of a specific issue in terms of required criteria is the basis for a diligently conducted audit aimed at a reliable compliance stage determination of an object of study.  Our team includes people with extensive knowledge and experience in construction, economics, administrative law, building code, public procurement law and other areas so that we can render services to the most demanding clients. Their potential allows to verify supplied materials according to the latest methods and standards. Conclusions and guidelines for the future and for optimization of activities in a specific field are the end results of an audit.

A professionally conducted audit identifies existing inaccuracies and infringements, analyses their causes and takes measures to avoid such mistakes in the future, which in a long run translates into measurable savings in project implementations.

Results and guidelines of our audits are independent and we keep the secret of projects implemented by us.