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Contract Claim Administration/Consulting for a highway project in the south of Poland


International General Contractor


Range of Activities:

  1. Contractual correspondence management (incoming and outgoing) for the entire Project and verifying Employer’s correspondence in terms of contractual obligations;
  2. Provision of opinions and advice regarding the Fidic Conditions and Polish binding law;
  3. Verifying reports on the progress of work jointly with the Employer’s technical staff;
  4. Keeping diary of contractual obligation and deadlines;
  5. Preparing agenda for monthly meeting to be held with Contract Engineer and GDDKiA and

    supporting the Employer in the meeting to be held with them;

  6. Preparing samples of registers monitoring the state of approving cases conducted by the

    Employer such as: material applications, methods and application of making claims;

  7. Preparing claims and counselling in this scope;
  8. Indicating potential risks connected with Contract implementation