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Contract/Commercial/Claim Managment for a Railway Project


International consortium of contractors


Range of Activities:

  • Cooperation with the team on site of the Client, in order to identify areas of potential claims (time and/or cost) and possible hazards or contractual risks;
  • Determining and implementing accepted key claims and the best strategy to pursue them;
  • Checking of incoming correspondence from Investor and/or Contract Engineer regarding contractual or claim issues, giving written FIDIC advice to the Client about them;
  • Establishing guidelines and objectives to be followed on site (if it´s necessary on written form) on developing the outgoing correspondence to Investor and/or Contract Engineer, regarding the contract or claims matters. This includes, final checking of documents developed by the on site team, prior to be sent;
  • Provision of advice in the field of FIDIC contract conditions on matters related to planning – both technical issues as well as economic, costing methodologies (additional works, measurement, indirect costs);
  • Determine deadlines, together with the Client´s team on site, for checking all correspondence (incoming, outgoing) and submission of the comments;
  • Preparation of data for periodical reports;

Short Description:

Value of work: more than 650 mln zł (above 150 mln Euro)

  • Track work – demolition of the track structure, crosscut-coated earthworks, geosynthetics ground stabilization, construction of protective layers – protective covering of land, construction of surface drainage, construction of the track structure.
  • Road works.
  • Drainage works.
  • Construction of engineering facilities among others, bridges, ecoducts, culverts, construction of platforms, noise barriers, catenary and electricity, demolition of cubature buildings.
  • Construction of outdoor installations.