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About Us

We advise on the preparation and management of engineering projects

We are one of the first engineering consulting companies with Polish capital only, which focuses on engineering and contract management advisory. The total value of projects in which our experts have been involved exceeds one billion euro.


We have the experience useful at every stage of the investment process: the creation of technical concepts, research of potential project locations, feasibility studies, preparation of materials for the European Union to raise funds, financial analysis and design. We act as: Contract Engineer, Project Manager, Contract Manager and provide organisational, technical and legal advisory as well as contract and claims administration.

Our experts are highly experienced and well-known Polish engineers, lawyers and economists. They have worked with private and institutional clients. They have been involved in projects the value of which varied between PLN 1 MLN up to PLN 1 bn. These included projects in roads, railways, construction (including public buildings), hydro engineering and infrastructure, as well as projects associated with waste disposal.

What do we offer?

We provide engineering, economic and legal consulting for employers, contractors and engineers in projects implemented in accordance with the Polish law and the law of the European Union, including the FIDIC Conditions of Contract, the public procurement law and building code.

We offer:
• Building models to solve complex decision problems;
• Creating a bid selection matrix based on the non-price criteria;
• Assistance to ensure liquidity of a project;
• Participation in the current project management, such as:
− Implementation of management system with electronic document circulation;
− Implementation of contractual procedures and document templates;
− Obtaining and justifying remuneration for extra works;
− Approval of building materials;
− Preparation of reports for employer;
− Participation in the project schedule development and supervision over its implementation;
− Implementation and management of appropriate claims procedures consistent with the Polish law and customs;
− Assistance in the fulfilment of the formal and legal requirements of contracts;
• Opinions and expertise in the field of technical and legal issues;
• Comprehensive training in project management;
• Training in cultural differences (for international consortia and foreign contracts), and
• Representation of clients in court and arbitration procedures.
It should be emphasised here that an employer is exposed to very complex and specific guidelines and regulations, the decision making process is long, and each event requires notification and comprehensive documentation; appropriate policies which will result in the intended goal involving all participants in this process should be introduced from the beginning of a contract.